Professionally Managed SMSF Funds

Proactive Super Administration

Besides your home and your business, one of the biggest investments we Australians rely on for funding our retirement is our Super. And that doesn’t change when we’re self employed. In fact, it often becomes more important, especially for family owned and run businesses.

Our goal is to ensure that you reach your retirement summit, maximising your potential investments and returns so that you will never have to worry about retirement, and instead get to live out your retirement dreams.

We do this by providing you with a Professionally Managed Super Fund, not a self-managed super fund. This means we make sure you’re covered with things like:

Wealth building strategies

Including complex asset acquisition, contribution maximisation and tax effectiveness

Pension maintenance

Ongoing administration to grow your asset and maintain compliance


Ensuring your super is set up to meet your future needs

Estate planning

Asset protection and tax effective will and estate planning

Let us help you with:


With benefits ranging from reducing tax and maintaining cash flow, a SMSF not only gives you flexibility and control over your own investment decisions, it allows us to help you tailor your super to support your own retirement objectives with an easy to understand investment strategy. 


With Atkins SMSF Consultants, we make your life easier. Running your own SMSF can give you greater flexibility and control over your retirement savings, but, taking care of all the essential administration tasks and maintaining compliance can be time-consuming and complex. That’s where we help. Our full-service SMSF administration services – backed by a team of experienced SMSF experts will equip you with the tools you need to grow your retirement savings, while still retaining full control.


Getting the most out of your super fund isn’t a set and forget strategy. Our SMSF consulting service helps you accelerate your retirement saving with guidance on pension planning, tax effectiveness, contribution maximisation and regulatory compliance as well as estate planning and implication management so you can focus on your family and business first.



Luke Atkins is a very impressive & experienced professional specialising in Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) advice, administration & control, compliance, and management. I have had the pleasure in working with him on property matters involving SMSFs for my clients over many years. Luke has an outstanding understanding of this area and he is passionate about assisting his clients to make the best use of their SMSFs so that they can happily retire, maintain the standard of lifestyle that they choose, and also be assured that their affairs are fully up to date and in compliance with the laws. Luke ensures that his clients fully understand about what can be accomplished with a well maintained SMSF, and that they also understand how correct structuring of the property transaction now can provide massive tax advantages both now and for the benefit of their estate in the future.
Luke highlighted to me the flexibility to access and invest my super exactly where I wanted too. The process had significantly more legal documentation than expected but all was dealt with by Luke with ease.
Thanks to Luke, I’ve won the lotto every month! I now receive 100% of my rental income and no longer have to give 47% to the tax man.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is a superannuation fund that is regulated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Yes. An SMSF operates exactly as any other super fund, but you have 100% control over it. As the Trustee, you are responsible for how the fund operates, the investments, the level of insurance, and its performance.

Your SMSF can invest in anything you can invest in as an individual, with a few exceptions:

  • An SMSF cannot lend money to members and their relatives
  • An SMSF cannot acquire assets from ‘related parties’ of the fund except in limited circumstances
  • The SMSF members or their relatives cannot reside in a residential property owned by the SMSF
  • There are limited circumstances when an SMSF can enter into a borrowing arrangement
  • Investing in ‘in-house’ assets
  • All the investments need to follow the two main rules: “sole purpose test” and “arm’s length”
  • It is the duty of the SMSF trustee to separate the SMSF assets from their own personal assets, or assets belonging to their business

Yes, contact us to discuss how this can work for you.

Whilst there is no minimum balance required to establish an SMSF, it starts becoming cost effective with a balance of $250,000 or more.

Anywhere from one member to six members.

Yes. But there are risks in using a company for multiple purposes.

Under SMSF regulations, there can’t be any overlap between SMSF funds and other company funds. If your company had financial or legal difficulties through its other trading activities, your SMSF assets could be at risk. If your SMSF is sued (e.g. a tradie on your SMSF rental property has an accident), the rest of your company assets may be at risk.

We recommend using a Special Purpose SMSF company that only acts as trustee of your SMSF (with a reduced annual ASIC company fee).

Yes. From 1 October 2021, you can only rollover into or out of your SMSF using SuperStream. Also, certain release authorities may be processed in SuperStream. SuperStream offers the following benefits for SMSFs:

  • More timely and reliable flow of payments and information about contributions, rollovers, and certain release authorities
  • An electronic record to support your accounting and tax obligations (including your SMSF annual return) fewer data and payment errors.