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We want to be sure that you:

Sleep well
at night

When you work with us not only will we take care of all the heavy administrative worries weighing you down, we’ll make sure you know exactly where you’re at with profitability, tax obligations and cash flow so there’s no niggling worries plaguing your night time respite. From compliance, government regulations, grants, tax returns, BAS, capital gains, payroll, fringe benefits, and so much more, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you nod off to sleep.

your assets

If there’s one thing that can put a dampener on the hard work you’ve put in to grow your business, it’s finding out that your assets aren’t protected. Having the right business structure, estate plan and succession plan in place is essential to make sure you and your kids benefit from your hard work for many years to come.

Grow your

Whether it’s an application for finance, or decisions about increasing the size of your business, our daily priority is finding new ways to see you prosper. Sometimes that might be helping with staffing or payroll, sometimes it can be with new strategies around cash flow and forecasting, or maybe even purchasing assets or small business concessions. There are so many ways to get started and we’re just champing at the bit to help.

Live life to
the fullest

Now to the fun stuff, the reason you started a business in the first place. And if you’re anything like us it’s to have the freedom and flexibility to have fun with your family – inside your business and out. We love nothing more than jumping on calls with our clients to come up with new and exciting ideas to make your business and your life a blessing rather than a chore.

What people are saying


Anthony Cummings is a name synonymous with horse racing. An exceptional horse trainer, his clients rely on his experience and knowledge when purchasing new stock, the industry relies on his judgement in representing the Randwick trainers as their media spokesperson. Anthony is often heard on Radio 2KY and seen on Channel 9. During our working relationship we have worked together to ensure Anthony has access to the right financial and management information to run his business. With his business operations and structure in place Anthony can concentrate on what he does best, training Group 1 winners!
Once David starting working with us we were able to plan for our future and achieve a return from our business. With a structure that improved our cashflow position and asset management, our 10 year growth plan will be achieved in 5 years. Our business is in better shape than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer similar services to most certified accountants. Our difference is that we know how and when to apply them specifically for your family owned business to help you pay less tax, stabilise your cash flow and boost your profits.

Things we may support you with as your business grows include:

  • Your business Year-End Financial Statements and Tax Returns
  • BAS & IAS
  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Bookkeeping & Xero Training
  • FBT Returns
  • Corporate Compliance Management (ASIC)
  • Business Advisory
  • Structure and compliance
  • Self Managed Super Fund consultancy

There are many accounting packages on offer to businesses in the current market. At Atkins Group we prefer using Xero cloud based software for the majority of our existing clientele but we’re also proficient in the use of MYOB, QuickBooks, Reckon or any other accounting system if it's central to your business.

It really depends on how actively involved you’d like us to be in the running of your business. If you’re new to business you may prefer to do as much as you can yourself, but as your business grows, you may find that your time becomes increasingly valuable to you and you’d rather we take away more of the administration weight off your shoulders. We’re happy to meet you where you’re at in business and tailor our support service to suit.

The complex nature of accounting means that clients often think switching over to a new accountant will be a task of giant proportions with lots of headaches. It’s not. Once you meet with us we’ll get in touch with your previous accountant to make the handover seamless and headache free.

How much tax you pay depends on two important factors: your business structure and effective tax planning. A surprising majority of businesses who come to work with us find there are a few simple strategies they can use to reduce their annual tax obligations

A will is a great place to start, but many business owners make the mistake of thinking that everything they own and everything in their will forms part of their estate. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, that’s not how things work. The best way you can ensure your assets and wealth pass to your chosen people when you’re no longer here is through a comprehensive estate plan. Get in touch with a free consultation to find out more.